Saturday, March 17, 2012

Massey Family Update

You may have seen this photo in the early days of the blog.  It is the Winchester Massey family.  His wife, Sarah Jane Wood was the half-sister to my Great-Grandfather William Vincent Wood. 

The update is that I now know the children also shown in the photo.  This is thanks to a distant cousin, Maggie, who has been very generous with her photos, information and time.  I am very grateful for experiences like this.

Back Row (l to r):  Drury Massey (b. 1876), Sarah Jane Wood Massey, and Clarence Massey (1878).
Front Row (l to r):  (Jane) Ella Massey (1858) , Theodore Massey (1881) and Winchester Massey.

To Carrie

The back of this photo is inscribed "To Carrie" in ink.  Beulah May Wood, A Merry Christmas to You is written in pencil.  As stated before I have only tracked down one Carrie so far in family records, Carrie Kerr Hiskey.  I know that Beulah May Wood is one of my Grandpa Wood's sisters.  My guess is that this picture was intended for Carrie but not ever passed along and probably is a photo of Beulah.  The images I carry in my mind of Aunt Beulah don't really related to how she may have looked at this age.

Welch's Photo Tent

This photo was taken by Welch's Photo Tent but I have found no indication of where it may have been.   I assume that the term "tent" means it was a traveling photographer.  On the back of the photo it has two names, George and Bessie, but both names have a line drawn through them.  My guess is that either 1) this photo was intended for George and Bessie then not given to them after all; or 2) that someone thought it was George and Bessie then decided that it wasn't after all.  Since the writting, in pencil, is very much like writing on some of the other photos I believe that # 1 is the most plausable.


This photo is identified with the name "Carrie" on the back.  I am sure that it refers to Carrie Kerr Hiskey the niece of Ella Eckard Wood.  The photo posted earlier of Carrie and Vince compared to the Carrie photo and very similar, although do not appear to have been taken at the same time. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Unknown Man, Unknown Photographer

This photo may have been from the same photographer as the previous post.  The cardboard mat is very similar.  On the back of this photo are the words "Miss Woods".  My guess is that this photo is not a Wood family member as I have never found an instance where they signed their names or were listed in census records as Woods.  My Grandmother was adamant that there was not, nor would there ever be, an "s" at the end of our name. 

This photo is very faded and difficult to see but the man's dress, hair and mustache all seem typical of the area. 

There are several possibilities as to who this photo was given to.  Ella Eckard Wood had three daughters who could have been the recipient.  In many cases I have noticed "Miss" and "Mrs" being interchangeable--especially in the Mid-west and South.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


"Minnie" in written on the back of this photo.  It does not give a photographer's name or place.  This is only a guess, but I think it could be Minnie Kerr Kelly the wife of Zed Kelly.  Minnie would be the niece of Ella Eckard Wood.  From the genealogy I have gathered I've found no other Minnie attached to the family.  There is a possibility that this young woman could have been a friend of the family.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Woman with Hat

How I would love to say to you this is my relative such-n-such.  She lived in ..... and married......and then she.....  No details.  I do know one important thing about her.  On the back it says "Aunt Ella".  Based on other photos I have seen of Ella, including one at about the same age, I know this is not Ella.  I will assume, at least for now, that the young lady pictured put who was receiving the photo on the back.  However, she has several nieces and I am not sure that I have a complete list at this point.  I just love that hat!